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Sikkens Prize winners Piet Oudolf
Piet Oudolf

Piet Oudolf

The board of the Sikkens Foundation has awarded the Sikkens Prize 2022 to Piet Oudolf (Haarlem, 1944) for his impressive contribution to the ‘colour experience’ of parks and gardens around the world.

In the gardens of Oudolf, everyone can see that colors take shape through light and actually come to life.

noma liv holm Noma Denemarken - foto Liv Holm  

From Hummelo, Piet Oudolf has developed a unique conception and style that is not only greatly appreciated, but also eagerly imitated. Oudolf shows that discolored plants, brown tones and other earthy tones are just as interesting as bright colours. Just like Rembrandt’s Night Watch, Oudolf’s gardens excel in an autumn-coloured palette. It is precisely from the muted colors that the light emerges.

All over the world – from the Gardens of Remembrance and High Line in New York to London’s Camden High Line Park and restaurant Noma in Copenhagen – Oudolf has transformed unremarkable plots of land into places of relaxation, inspiration and encounter.

high line-IMG_4890 High Line New York  
lurie garden chicago-IMG_1978 Lurie Garden Chicago  

In May 2023, King Charles III presented Piet Oudolf the Elisabeth Medal of Honor at the Chelsea Flower Show. This new prize is awarded to those who have made a significant impact in advancing the science, art or practice of horticulture for the benefit of all generations and the environment.