Sikkens Prize
Sikkens Foundation


The board of the Sikkens Foundation consists of cultural and scientific professionals from diverse fields of expertise. The board also acts as jury.

The following members have a place on the current board (2023) of the Sikkens Foundation:

Sikkens portretten-181-Anne Reitsma Fotografie-20240227 Hester Alberdingk Thijm - Director AkzoNobel Art Foundation  
Sikkens portretten-131-Anne Reitsma Fotografie-20240227 Karin Amatmoekrim - Author  
Sikkens portretten-347-Anne Reitsma Fotografie-20240227 Lennart Booij (chairman) - Art historian and moderator  
Sikkens portretten-212-Anne Reitsma Fotografie-20240227 Niek Koppen - Documentary director and producer owner of Selfmade Films  
Sikkens portretten-095-Anne Reitsma Fotografie-20240227 Stephan Petermann - Founder of design agency MANN  
Sikkens portretten-259-Anne Reitsma Fotografie-20240227 Violette Schönberger - Architect and urban designer  
Sikkens portretten-302-Anne Reitsma Fotografie-20240227 Maarten de Vries - CFO AkzoNobel  
Sikkens portretten-288-Anne Reitsma Fotografie-20240227 Ben Zweers (treasurer and secretary) - Color Solutions Marketing Director Paints & Coatings  
Sikkens portretten-316-Anne Reitsma Fotografie-20240227 Okke Suurenbroek - Director legal corporate and M&A at AkzoNobel  
Nederland, Amsterdam, 2023CVB Ahk, Annet LekkerkerkerFoto: Bob Bronshoff Annet Lekkerkerker, Chairman CvB Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten  

Previous members of the board were amongst others: Rudi Fuchs, Sjarel Ex, René Boomkens, Carel Weeber, Anne van der Zwaag, Benno Tempel, Jaap Drupsteen, Ruud Joosten, Kees Kuijken, Iris Lamers, Els de Groot, Dingeman Kuilman en Bernard Colenbrander.

Foto’s by Anne Reitsma