Sikkens Prize
Sikkens Prize winners Le Corbusier
Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier

French architect received the Sikkens Prize for his use of colour as an active element in the spatial and plastic impact of architecture. On 26 September 1963 the Sikkens Prize was awarded to Le Corbusier in the Stedelijk Museum. Artist Livinus van de Bundt received the Sikkens Prize on that same occassion.

Road to the future

The commission explained that we had entered a new stage in history, with new possibilities, more free time, and a different lifestyle. Le Corbusier showed us a different way of living life, in a different sort of city, a road to the future. Because he fought for his new vision, “Le Soldat Le Corbusier” was awarded the Sikkens Prize for the way in which he integrated colour and space.

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Sikkens Prize for Le Corbusier