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Grey goes green: adding colour to your community

Garden and landscape designer Piet Oudolf will be awarded the Sikkens Prize 2022 for his beautiful colourful gardens. He impressively transforms grey areas worldwide into green oases that appeal to the imagination. Let Piet Oudolf inspire you and contemplate on which place in your area deserves to be green(er). Join the Grey goes Green initiative and stand a chance of financing your greening project.

Colouring your community

Asphalt, tiles and stones. In the city, grey often seems the only option, but quite often it can easily be exchanged for green; not only in parks, city gardens and on roofs, but also on a smaller scale such as planting under trees and the construction of facade gardens. Walk through the city, look around you and be inspired. Which aging place deserves to be green?

Join the Grey goes Green initiative and think about how you can transform dull grey places in the city into green oases. Do you know a place within your community without greenery? For example, the granite playground, the vacant piece of land behind your house, the grey wall of your flat? Or do you have the perfect idea where a rooftop communal vegetable garden or a park could be called into existence? Sign up your green project and stand a chance of financing it. You are welcome to join in if you are already working on a greening plan.

Yes, I’m joining the Grey goes Green initiative

Campagnebeeld 2 Grijs wordt Groen

The chance of financing result in plans transforming fallow or grey areas into a green environment. The Grey goes Green campaign stimulates greening and biodiversity across the city as well as social cohesion and mutual involvement within the community. Projects in which colour is privileged.

The impact of colour

Sikkens Foundation is celebrating its 50th birthday and wants to make the public aware of how colour matters to our lives. With publications, lectures and the presentation of the Sikkens Prize, the Sikkens Foundation contributes to knowledge about the use of colour. The Sikkens Prize is one of the oldest independent prizes in the Netherlands and is awarded every few years by the Sikkens Foundation to artists, designers, architects, institutions or companies that are pioneering in terms of colour.

On October 2nd, the Sikkens Prize will be awarded to the world-famous garden and landscape designer Piet Oudolf, who makes the impact of colour visible in his own unique way. In cities like London, New York, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Utrecht he has transformed inconspicuous areas of land into places of relaxation, inspiration and get-togethers. Piet Oudolf donates his prize money to the Piet Oudolf Groen in de Buurt Fund of the Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund, which helps people realise their own greening projects.


How do you join Grey goes Green?

You can sign up your greening project from September 29th, 2022, until the end of January 2023. The winners will be announced in the spring of 2023. The most inspiring greening projects be awarded a maximum amount of EUR 5,000 for project realisation.

Yes, I want to stand a chance of having my green project financed

Grey goes Green is an initiative of the Sikkens Foundation in collaboration with the Piet Oudolf Groen in de Buurt Fund of the Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund.

Sikkens Prize