Sikkens Prize
Mondrian Lecture

About the Mondrian Lecture

The Mondrian Lecture is a public lecture held every two years for which the Sikkens Foundation invites a scientist, artist, architect or designer to give a public report.

The Mondrian Lecture was introduced by the Sikkens Foundation in 1979. With this public lecture the Sikkens Foundation aims to contribute to the debate on the cultural significance of colour. Attention is specifically devoted to the ways in which colour, the development of colour and the theory of colour have been reflected on and used within the visual arts and science. The lectures are intended to establish inspirational encounters between, on the one hand, the Dutch cultural sector, and on the other hand, (inter)national scientists and artists.

Giving these lectures the name of Piet Mondrian was intended in the first place to honor the artist, but also to express the fact that the foundation wished to devote continuing attention to problems in modern art which were raised by Mondrian in his works and in his theoretical reflections.